Tuesday, November 8, 2011


It's 2:53 am, and I can't sleep. But between a mini vacation because my kids didn't have school on Friday, a sinus infection (maybe why I can't sleep?) and a long day today, I'm behind on my word goal. But maybe today is going to be better, because I've already written close to 500 words, and the sun isn't up yet.
My goal has been to finish my present novel by writing around two thousand words a day, then go back and edit the other two that need some serious help. That's a lot to strive for.
As Carol pointed out in her latest post, http://throwingupwords.wordpress.com/, writing can be a very, very discouraging business. So I have to remember I'm doing this because I love (?) it. Today, as I went about the mundane, I kept thinking of my character, stuck in the middle of a very dark night in the Southern Utah desert.
Goals, as as past LDS Relief Society president said, are stars to steer by, not sticks to beat ourselves with.
So I'll keep doing my best, but if I end up sleeping later today, that's okay too.
Put away your sticks. We all write because we  have stars in our eyes.

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