Sunday, September 7, 2008


The girls seem to be getting a little too much screen time. This is Matt with his 'tickle' blankey, as he's called it since he was about 3. You can tell it's unwinding/bedtime since he's got it.

He's been having fun with an old cell phone we gave him when our plan got us new phones. True to Matt, he already knows how to do more things than I ever did in 2 years, including taking photos and finding ways to frame them with cute graphics I had no idea were even on the phone.

Thanks to Matt, we got our new phones programmed, the ring tones ID'd, and the rebates entered over the internet. This weekend he also mowed the lawn and put Megan's training wheels back on her bike (she just not ready to fly solo.) Thank you, Matt. No wonder he's tired!

Pioneer Day

We had an old-fashioned 24th of July day parade in our neighborhood. I got the idea to make skirts and bonnets for the girls. I did the skirts okay, but the bonnets still weren't done when my mom came up. Thanks to her great sewing skill and persistence, we got the bonnets done.

Emily and Megan won a prize for most historic costumes, and had a lot of fun.

More School Firsts

Emily is liking school this year. She comes home full of interesting facts like the mini-earthquake Utah just had that none of us felt. She's really gaining confidence in herself and doing well with friends. Next year she will be in middle school, and I'm not looking forward to her having to be on the bus before 7:30 am. That's what Matt is doing this year, and as you can see, I haven't gotten a starting school picture of him. I'll have to do a belated one if I can get a day when he's not running out the door, hair askew, having just gotten out of bed 10 minutes before he needs to be there. He's doing well, though, to always make it to the bus!

First Grade Mixed Feelings?

First Grade was a pretty big thing -- getting to eat lunch at school (she still wants to take PB&J most days) walking to and from school with her big sister, no more mornings at home with me. It's definitely a good thing. She got bored so many days, and begged for friends. But I will miss having her around. The house has been pretty quiet. Megan has days she loves school, and days she's, well, not quite so sure.