Sunday, March 30, 2008

So Maybe I Answered the Questions This Way Because I Like Her Best?

I am Elizabeth Bennet!

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Emily's Birthday Present

Emily's birthday presents were all great, except for one.

We planned her party so the girls could ice skate. Only one problem -- I didn't check with the ice rink. I mean, it gets darker and colder the later it gets, so who would have thought the rink wouldn't open until 6pm?
I rearranged it so the girls had pizza, cake and presents first, then skating last. Good thing--just as I was about to get the girls and go home, Emily tripped over a big ditch in the ice. She'd been helping one friend learn to skate, then hurried to catch up with two other friends. She fell right on her wrist.

Her strangest birthday present was what her dad called a classic wrist fracture.

She got the cast off last week, and is doing great. Emily was a good sport about the whole thing, and enjoyed having everyone sign her cast. Her piano teacher joked it was a good way to get her to hold her wrist up!

Friday, March 7, 2008

More Christmas Concerts

Megan is in ballet this year, and Emily, who loves to sing, dance, and make up plays, took a drama and singing class last fall. I'm getting smart, finally, and mananged to take photos of Megan during her dress rehearsal rather than trying to take them in the dark during the actual concert.

We were a little less organized for Emily's concert, though. It was one of those days when we were lucky to find her costume and both of her black ballet shoes in time for the concert to start. She made, it though, and had fun.

Eric's Swim Season

Eric finished his second year on the varsity swim team with a second-place finish in the 100 meter breast stroke. The boy's team took second as well.

Instead of complaining about not getting first place, Eric was sad only because the team is losing their swim coach, Leo (beside Eric in the photo) who's encouraged Eric all the way.

We're happy about the team camraderie, determination and hard work ethic Eric's gaining from swim team. About the 'temporary' hair black hair dye the boys chose for their school spirit statement (the team colors are black and yellow), well . . . it wasn't so temporary. Fortunately, he's a boy, and can cut the now-dark-brown off soon.

Matt's Christmas Concert

So maybe it's a little late for Christmas concerts, but after all that holiday time we spent sitting in them, we should at least get to share pictures.

This one is great because it's so classic Matt. He put tons of emotion and skill into playing the upright bass for the four-school fifth grade concert. Eric tells me how talented Matt is at picking up music, and I really love to hear him play.

Barry and I had to give a small chuckle over Matt's definition of 'fancy dress concert' as camoflage--with stripes to dress things up!