Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Writing/Publishing Cinderella Story--They Still Happen!

Last night Courtney Alameda had her book launch in the ballroom of the Provo Library. In her presentation, Courtney talked of how her agent discovered her at the WIFYR Conference. Not long after, she had a great book contract for SHUTTER. 
Courtney then showed a photo of her cute, but apparently bullied, 15-year-old self. She commented on how many teen writers say they're adults who still feel like adolescents inside. Courtney then said she stood on that stage because of those bullies. 
And I get it. 
When we write, it's to connect with the world. It's to make sense of it. But for me, at least, there's more. My inner nerd has something to prove. She wants that moment of saying, "See? Look at me now."

And what better for Courtney's "Look how far she's come" moment than a crowd filling last night's ballroom and line for book signing that stretched the length of it for so long I finally had to leave (I'll have to grab you at WIFYR, Courtney). But I did manage to snag a photo of Courtney and WIFYR's founder/director Carol Lynch Williams.

Looking like a princess herself in the latest-style retro 50’s swing skirt (with a zombie print, of course), Courtney Alameda is a Cinderella story complete with ballroom success.