Sunday, March 30, 2008

Emily's Birthday Present

Emily's birthday presents were all great, except for one.

We planned her party so the girls could ice skate. Only one problem -- I didn't check with the ice rink. I mean, it gets darker and colder the later it gets, so who would have thought the rink wouldn't open until 6pm?
I rearranged it so the girls had pizza, cake and presents first, then skating last. Good thing--just as I was about to get the girls and go home, Emily tripped over a big ditch in the ice. She'd been helping one friend learn to skate, then hurried to catch up with two other friends. She fell right on her wrist.

Her strangest birthday present was what her dad called a classic wrist fracture.

She got the cast off last week, and is doing great. Emily was a good sport about the whole thing, and enjoyed having everyone sign her cast. Her piano teacher joked it was a good way to get her to hold her wrist up!

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Deborah said...

Poor Emily! What a birthday present. Did you have to end her party early to take her to the hospital?

I'm glad you've been able to post more to your blog. It's fun to see. And I like Elizabeth Bennet best too! (Although to be fair, it's probably because I'm the most familiar with Pride and Prejudice.) I guess I'm not so much like her though.