Sunday, September 7, 2008


The girls seem to be getting a little too much screen time. This is Matt with his 'tickle' blankey, as he's called it since he was about 3. You can tell it's unwinding/bedtime since he's got it.

He's been having fun with an old cell phone we gave him when our plan got us new phones. True to Matt, he already knows how to do more things than I ever did in 2 years, including taking photos and finding ways to frame them with cute graphics I had no idea were even on the phone.

Thanks to Matt, we got our new phones programmed, the ring tones ID'd, and the rebates entered over the internet. This weekend he also mowed the lawn and put Megan's training wheels back on her bike (she just not ready to fly solo.) Thank you, Matt. No wonder he's tired!

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