Saturday, November 19, 2011

NaNo and 750 Word Writing Site, Anybody Out There?

The pro's and cons of "" Cons: the site gives you points. If you copy and paste from your original document, like I do, especially in pieces like I do because I leave out the notes to myself, things like, what is the divider in a cop car made of? I can't believe my mc is actually sitting in a cop car--not story, so I don't count it as NaNo words. If you do that, the site gives you less points (what, does the computer think we're cheating?) But I had one day where I had a long post, over 2,600 words, and they didn't save. I lost them all, and I was so grateful that I had an original.
To avoid this, just make sure you "force save:" control S or however you do it for your original doc, rather than relying on the computer's program to save.

Why do I post at odd times of the early morning? Maybe it's like tapping on the computer screen. I'm pretty alone here, except for my DH's snoring. Hello, is anybody out there? Sounds like a song, but I'm too tired to think of what or who wrote it. Good news: After counting my words for the month. My grand total so far: 25697.

Since I only had part of a novel to write (not officially following NaNo, but I have editing to do for the second half) he better news is that I've virtually finished a draft of Lawnmower. STill have to go back and fill in some holes, and need more conclusion, but the climax is done. I like how I've done it this time: I keep my "outline" file open while I'm writing. When I think of something I need to make sure happens, like a plot thread to tie up, or a question I have to research to get and answer (does soda pop ignite or put out fires?) I put it in my outline file so I don't forget.

Best news: I'm sleepy now. Back to bed.

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