Sunday, October 26, 2008

Primary Program

Today was a rarity -- 3 out of 4 kids in the Primary Program! Matt was not a willing participant. As mentioned, he turns 12 in a matter of days. He looked nice in his blue suit. He left for church early, on his bike, and I didn't get a photo. We got to go to our new church today--the old one was 5 minutes away, this one is 1 minute by car. We are so spoiled!

Emily sang a duet for her part in the program. Megan will get a chance to sing another time--somehow lines got crossed on the message that she was supposed to sing the first verse, with two other girls, instead of the second verse as originally planned. But it's a huge primary, and they did well. After the dry run on Thursday, I knew we were going to need a miracle today. Bad dress rehearsal, good performance, something like that?

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Emily said...

Hi! I don't have your e-mail, so here's a little reminder for Thanksgiving:

We just wanted to remind you that Thanksgiving Dinner starts at 3:30 on Thursday at the church on the corner of about 850 E and 1800 S in Bountiful. There will be volleyball after, so bring your volleyball clothes if you'd like to play!

Please pass this message on to those you know who need it!