Sunday, October 12, 2008

Camping with a Cougar!!

Since Matt is almost 12, he got invited on his first scout over-nighter. They had a grand time, starting the fire from flint and steel. The bad part was when he got scared. It all started when the dog they brought was patrolling the teepee and they thought she was a wolf. They got scared, huddled together, and prayed. Then they heard a growl! It sounded like a cougar. One scout, who shall remain nameless, swore. Then they heard it again and it charged at them. It turned out to be the scout leader, who was bringing them pepper spray and making sure they were okay.

The foregoing paragraph, minus the first sentence, was dictated by Matt to me. He's good with words, don't you think? And it was all real enough to keep everyone up all night. He's still talking about the experience!

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