Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween Party

It's been a long time since I've done serious dressing up for a halloween party. The closest was a couple of years ago, when all I did was put on a cat-ear headband borrowed from Emily, white shirt, black pants, and taped an x-ray to my chest. I was a 'cat scan.'

So this year, we got invited to an all-out Halloween party. I thought my mom had thrown out all of her costumes from when she used to dance, but she kept a few. I borrowed this really great dress that used to be my grandmother's (Muzzy.) I wanted to do something different than the witch I've used the dress for in the past, so I took a cue from the botanical pattern and decided to frizz my hair and go as "Poison Ivy." (50's song, but I guess no one but me has heard of it.) Emily had lots of fun helping me, pinned ivy in my hair and helped spray green hair color. We had fun, even though I had to go to church today with slightly green-tinted hair.

The funniest part is how Barry, who boycotted costumes, was the one who got the prize. Milk duds, of course, if you get that reference.

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Deborah said...

Nice costume! Grace and Steve teamed up and took me to Walmart for a costume for me. I ended up with a purple wig, big sparkly glasses, and a feather boa. It's not a great theme costume, but Grace loves it of course.