Thursday, February 3, 2011

My New Book, pizza crusts, and rotten milk

I wanted to take this book to Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers, but I did that last year, and Alane Ferguson and a group of 12 other wonderful writers gave me a terrific critique. I seriously changed the whole beginning. It should have been obvious that if the main character in the book is bored, in a long car ride with her mom and obnoxious brother, that the reader will be bored too, right? Well thanks to Alane and WIFYR, I finally figured that out.
This book is about a girl with a secret. She's madly in love with a guy, but that's not the hard part. The problem? The guy doesn't even exist.

Now I'm in Mike Knudson's class on Chapter Books. I would love to write a chapter book, but I'm still wondering if I can do one without it sounding cheesy in a bad way. Oh, unintentional reference to previous stinky cheese post.

I should have lots of fodder, though. If only rotten milk and old pizza crusts left in a boy's room long enough could fuel the world . . . Thinking about that one.

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