Thursday, February 3, 2011

I found the Missing Manuscript!

Sorry for the misleading title. But I did find something important. My new book, Night Visions, Daytime Disasters, is in the revision stage. I made some changes to chapters 21 and 23, and then, after the trip, couldn't find them!! I'm too good at starting new documents so I don't change anything I should keep, so now I had about 6 drafts/partial drafts to go through. It took me about a week, then I finally got my answer to prayer: I'd forgotten that when my computer was down, I'd typed some things on Barry's computer. Think work computer, without even a Word program. I'd been searching my USB drive, my e-mail, and my little laptop, and here it was on Barry's computer. What's worse, half of it was in his account, so just when I thought I'd found it all, I only had the first half.
I finally found the second half in my account, which I rarely use since it's his computer and I only go to it when Matt is using mine.

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