Saturday, September 6, 2014

Pitch Wars Consolation Prize

I found out about Pitch Wars toward the very end, so as you can guess, I entered last minute too. [New Goal: Look at Twitter more than once a month.]  I thought I'd done my research thoroughly, but I clearly didn't, as you can see by the bonus award I got from these kind pitch mentors, Stacey Lee and Stephanie Garber:

I also got a nice, personalized rejection from the other mentor I submitted to. The mentors were so kind that it really makes me want to try again next year.

And to do a better job keeping up on contest dates!

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Rosalyn said...

Becca, I'm sorry pitchwars didn't work out for you--the competition was really stiff, and it's so subjective! I just put up a blog post with list of online contests--you should do pitmad this week! And the Baker's Dozen in nov/dec.