Monday, April 21, 2014

Elements of A Stand-Out Novel

A recent Query Tracker blog post by Rosie Genova quotes agent Michelle Wolfson: “I challenge you to make me fall in love with your work.”
That’s quite a challenge.
During a WIFYR Boot Camp Workshop, writer Ann Dee Ellis spoke of her conversation with conference editors. Ann Dee indicated writers often don’t understand just how special a book has to be in order to get published.
What, in your opinion, makes a book stand out?
Great voice?
A unique and interesting setting?
An action-filled plot that keeps the reader wondering what happens next?
The trilogy I’m currently reading has all three. Great voice that’s easy to relate to, characters so interesting I’ll miss them when the book ends, a setting I’m fascinated to learn about, and action that keeps me wondering.
Think about what you’re reading now. What made you pick this book? And what keeps you reading it?
Then go polish your manuscript until it shines. 

I also recommend a great post by David Farland on kicking your writing up a notch.
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Alice said...

Thanks. Excellent suggestions. Helpful link. This is where I'm at with my story. What book is it you're reading now that does this so well?