Thursday, February 13, 2014

Getting Published--Is there a Secret?

Today I read two great blogs by two great friends, and just had to share.

I've known Amy Finnegan for quite a while. It started when we were both members of the Utah League of Writers, and I took over for her as chapter president.
Since then, I've been impressed with Amy's networking skill, her efforts to plan some terrific writing retreats, but most of all, her hard work. After some setbacks (we've all had them, right?) she now has an agent and a great book contract with Bloomsbury. Her book is terrific, and I'm so excited for her!

Last fall, she published a great post, "The Secret Formula for Getting Published." It's really, really worth clicking the link and taking a look.

Another one that you really, really can't miss (I know, too many word repeats--cut me off), is this one from my friend Alison Randall, another terrific, hard-working writer who has won awards for her writing, including and award for her picture book, The Wheat Doll. She's a guest blogger on Cynthia Leitich Smith's blog, Cynsations.

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