Thursday, February 21, 2013

Writing for Children and Writing for My Children

Not counting my two practice novels, I have four finished manuscripts and one nearly finished.

I need to get back to some serious editing of my newest story. Please stay tuned for a post on why scene editing is essential to a good book.

Recently I heard Dale Murphy, Retired Major League ball player and member of my church, talk about how the trophies and awards and fame aren't nearly as important in the long run as his eight children.

Why am I revising this old book? Well, besides the fact that I still love it. my daughter asked to read it.

Someday I hope to have it published. This week, however, I am relishing how good it feels to have my little (almost not-so-little) girl beg for another chapter. There's never going to be a more valued reader in my mind. Well, excepting my other three children.

How do you know when it's time to unearth an old manuscript?

And how do you fix a picture that insists on posting sideways?!


Alice said...

Kudos to you for completing so many novels! Which old novel did you unearth? I recently pulled out my first novel, which I thought was just practice, and revised and submitted it. I am now revising it again for the editor I submitted it to, who made some suggestions and is willing to take another look if I add some words and change the ending. You never know which book will sell.

Becca said...

This is Sonya again. I just can't seem to let that one go, which I guess means I shouldn't.

Which one of yours are you submitting? That's so encouraging! I hope it goes well.