Tuesday, February 14, 2012

WIFYR Assistant Critique Deadlines

This is going to be a very specific post, sorry. I'll do some more haiku follow-up and book reviews later.

WIFYR assistants: After talking to Kristyn Crowe, I realize we need to clarify this critique process better.

Mandatory dates for getting an agent/editor consultation:

Everyone's work that did not get critiqued in person on January 28th, including synopses and query paragraphs that didn't get read, should be turned in by Feb. 18th. For Debbie's group, we did exchange synopses and queries already, and I'd like your critique comments back by the 18th.

Everyone should read these chapters, synopses, and queries (submitted on the 18th) for their group that they haven't already critiqued, and send their comments to the list serve by March 3rd.

This should complete the first round of critiquing. We will then start the critique process over. Review the comments you received from the first critique, make changes to your work, and turn your work back in to the list serve by March 19th. (3 things, pic. book or five pages, query paragraph, and synopses-- 1 page if possible.)

Read your group's new, revised submissions. Then send your critique comments back to the list serve by March 31rst. If you'd like to continue to ask for help and comments after this, you can, but that part is no longer mandatory.

All finalized, revised chapters or picture book, plus the synopses, will be due, THIS TIME TO MY E-MAIL, by June 2nd at the latest. (Hold onto your query--it's for when you submit later on, if you choose to.)

Hope this helps. Please comment to let me know you get this and understand it, okay?

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