Saturday, June 13, 2009

Diet Word of the Day: Snarf!

Yes, I've been a wee bit stressed out this week, waiting for my first 5 pages to get critiqued by an editor, waiting for my first 20 to get critiqued by my 10 workshop members plus Ann Cannon, that I remember staring down at my soup and salad lunch and not being able to finish it -- and anyone who knows me knows I can eat plenty. I didn't have much of an appetite, not counting the chocolate cake I ate late at night after finally unwinding from the drive home from Provo and finishing my homework. I was also on a high. The whole workshop session opportunity was so great.

Now it's over. My unrealistic dream of hoping the editor would do cartwheels and beg for a contract didn't come true, I'm tired from driving and not being able to sleep, and I'm back to feeling a little alone.

So now I'm searching for things to eat. I started with a Great Harvest cinnamon roll (at least it was wheat), and moved on to chocolate. My new goal is to make sure I'm really hungry and go ahead and eat it. I was hungry, but it didn't taste all that good. (Well, the cream cheese frosting on the cinnamon roll was pretty terrific, but anyway.) Probably because it can't give me a contract. Probably because it doesn't adequately fill the hole in my life that writing usually does. I've got a house I could clean, but I'm worn out from this week and want a break. And I honestly don't know what to do except . . . eat.

But writing this helps. Ann Cannon said she blogs about her writing and also includes a "what I ate today" section. I've been doing these 'diet words for the day'segments on my computer for a while, so I decided to shamelessly copy Ann and post what I've been writing. This one, anyway. I'll go back and look at the other ones and see if I have the guts to publish any of what I've previously written.

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