Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Little Recognition

On Saturday April 25th, I took Emily and Megan shopping for a couple of well-needed outfits. We planned to meet my sister, Colleen, and her boys, Isaac and Charlie, for lunch--we haven't seen them in way too long!
Shopping was a little slow, so I called Mom for Colleen's new phone number she'd just had changed. I asked her if we could meet a few minutes later. When my cell rang a few minutes later, I thought it was her calling back. It wasn't -- long story short, I was asked if I could come to the LDS Storymaker's luncheon. I'd attended Friday's conference, but because Barry planned to be gone on Saturday and a few other reasons, I'd opted not to go on Saturday. But as asked, I drove from SLC to Provo for the luncheon. It was raining both ways, pouring on the way down, not to mention the traffic jam. I barely noticed, thinking maybe I'd gotten some small recognition in the First Chapter Contest. As they announced all four awards for the children's writing contest and none of them were me, I began to wonder. Then they announced the grand prize winner, AND . . . it wasn't me. I seriously wondered why I was there. Then the screen flashed, "It's not over yet," and they announced one more prize. The "Super Grand Prize Winner" in the contest was me! I was shocked, stunned, and so happy. What a nice boost to help me keep going in this writing business. Emily wants to act, and I keep telling her how hard she'll have to try. On Friday night I asked Barry why, when I know how difficult succeeding in arts can be, I keep doing this. This award was a good incentive to keep at this.

So then we drove back to SLC, picked up my neighbors' kids so they could go to the temple, went to a movie with Emily, Megan, and their three plus Colleen, Isaac and Charlie, then drove back to Heber. Exhausting, but a great day!

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