Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Recitals and more Recitals

Who knew? Eric can really dance! When the ballet studio needed some guys to round out their production of West Side Story, Eric got recruited. He ended up doing a really good job with the steps, learning ballroom dance as well as the dance-acting for his part as a greaser. The production was really well-done (can I admit I teared-up when the main character died?) and Eric was really good in it.

This spring, Matthew was the only one without recitals. He took a fun cooking class with me at Thanksgiving Point, and created some terrific homemade pizza when he got home.
Emily had her second-ever piano recital. Her teacher player a duet of her twinkle-twinkle-little-star Suzuki song. Emily is excited to finally get to move to her first 'real' song after months of learning technique with 'twinkles.'
Megan, and her friend Addie, took Ballet. They got to be Pixies, scattering Pixie Dust for their part in the Peter Pan production. If I'm not mistaken, Megan liked the dressing up part better than the Ballet. This summer she's taking gymnastics. I'm excited to not have to beg her to go every week!

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Deborah said...

That's great that your kids are interested in so many things. Megan looks adorable in that picture.