Sunday, April 6, 2008

Megan's New Haircut

Megan has been begging for a haircut for months. I didn't take her too seriously at first, because last year she was begging me to let her hair get down to her waist. It was on its way there, halfway down her back or more.
Next haircut, she still wanted it shorter. I noticed the ends were baby-fine and not looking all that great. And it's her hair. Although I asked she keep it long enough to pull back (which will help when she has her ballet recital next month) we decided to let her get it cut. Megan loves it!


Deborah said...

That looks really cute on Megan. I would get Grace's cut short if it looked like that. I'm afraid hers would just get big and wild if it was short. By the way I like what I can see of your kitchen. Someday I'll get to see your house!

Becca said...

I didn't crop the picture since I noticed it showed the kitchen. Megan's hair looks okay this way as long as I blow-dry it. Otherwise she's got enough curl that it gets funny waves in the back.

I love Grace's hair, though. Megan's didn't look as nice long -- it's still too thin.